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"Kato is at the hospital ward; he tried to commit suicide while you were away. It's a mystery if he'll ever recover," Jose said.


Kuro looked like he wanted to cry from the blow. There was a giant bruise on his leg. Han took a moment to catch his breath and stood in front of Kuro. Han helped Kuro up and spoke.


Han mumbled and drank while seated. He endured the sting of the carbonation and emptied the can. The blood splattered around Han's mouth washed down with the drink. The carbonation prickled his neck as he chugged down its contents.


"I must make an important decision at the moment." Alexander said while observing Han. Han remained quiet and waited for his words. Wuxiaworld for visiting.


Han burned his squad members' specialties and abilities into his mind. He worked with them once before so he didn't feel especially burdened. Han used his data bracelet to share the present condition with the rest of his squad members. The squad members projected a hologram map.


The enemy was calculative and provocative. It attacked from the front, but it understood it was fighting a disadvantaged battle, so it always maintained a safe distance.

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"Hm, is that so? What are you a sissy reading a novel like that? This is why you're bad at fighting. You should exercise more instead. Do you know exercise?"


Han took down notes by hand. Han had always worked harder during classes than the rest of his peers.


"Their numbers have decreased. But, I'm sure the Elus that had been sent to patrol the area have been commanded to return. Simon and I had used most of our psychic powers. Silence, how many more times can you use your blink skill?"


The good point of being the class president was that he could use the cleanest and best bed and he could decide his own sleep schedule.


He was able to lift a 100 gram object within a 100 meter radius. The skill level was pitiful, but to Han, this was a great step forward.


Han tried to stop his squad members. He helped Kuro up. Kuro looked anxious and sorry.


Alexander almost had a heart attack from Han's sudden outburst. The youth he sent to support Kuro was trying to do the opposite. Han was a youth who acted logically and sensibly. Therefore, he didn't think that Han would act in this way at all. This youth had never disappointed the instructors and sergeants, he was truly a model youth of Ark.



Even while Han had been pushed into a defensive and inferior position, he did not dare use his last assault team. Although there had been a danger that they would all die, he firmly resolved in his heart to keep them hidden.



"Items made with dragon bones and leather have a tendency to absorb psychic energy. This is one of the main reasons dragons are able to use an infinite amount of psychic energy. We speculate that their bodies naturally absorb psychic energy into their heart."


Han took off his shirt. Ark's training uniforms were made of a high quality fabric. It had supreme durability and elasticity.


Han equipped his helmet. He closed his helmet shield. The other squad members geared their safety equipment as well.

  • "It's oddly quiet…" Schwartz slowed down the squad's pace and made everyone increase their guard.
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